Bitsum RegMerge Pro Discount – 50% Off Coupon

Bitsum RegMerge Pro Discount

Bitsum RegMerge Pro Discount

Bitsum RegMerge Pro License can be purchased with Yearly or Lifetime Updates.

Yearly License
costs $9.95
Lifetime License
costs $19.95

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About Bitsum RegMerge Pro

Bitsum RegMerge Pro lets you import REG files safely and selectively and compare those with your current registry HIVE(s). You can load multiple REG files at once. It is even possible to compare and contrast the differences between a fresh install of an OS and your install. This lets you determine the likely causes of problems resulting from registry damage, and apply fixes selectively and safely, or go back to defaults at one shot.

Registry corruption is often the main reason behind system slowdown, and is caused by application install/uninstalls, use of Registry Cleaner and System tweaking utilities, Manual registry edits, Disk corruption, Malware infection etc.

Bitsum RegMerge Pro does the opposite of the Registry Cleaner softwares. It does not trim down the leftover benign registry debris, and rather ADD and REPLACE keys and values depending on the situation. It even logs the changes made, and lets you UNDO REG file for every changes that has been applied.

The software comes with a very straightforward user interface, which makes it lightweight and easy to use. But REMEMBER, the software is STILL in ALPHA stage of development. So, it is supposed to be buggy at present, and thus it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to manually create a RESTORE POINT prior to ANY Registry operation.

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You can download the Free version for 32 Bit or 64 Bit, and then apply your License Code to convert it to the Pro Version.