Bitsum ParkControl Pro Discount – 50% Off Coupon

Bitsum ParkControl Pro Discount

Bitsum ParkControl Pro Discount

Bitsum ParkControl Pro comes in Single or Home Licenses with Lifetime Updates. It is also possible to subscribe to Yearly updates for Single PC.

Single License
with Lifetime Updates
Family License
with Lifetime Updates
Single PC License
with Yearly Updates

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About Bitsum ParkControl Pro

Bitsum ParkControl Pro lets you adjust CPU core parking settings and CPU frequency settings for all the power plans. You will be able to monitor both these settings in realtime. Process Lasso developed by the same developer includes all the features of this software and many more for ensuring Unencumbered performance of your system. You can also get Bitsum Process Lasso Discount.

The function of Core Parking is to dynamically disable CPU cores in order to conserve power at idle time, and to re-enable as the CPU load increases once again. Window’s default power profiles are configured aggressively to conserve power, even at the expense of marginally decreased performance, and thus causes performance problems during bursting CPU loads!

Bitsum ParkControl Pro includes a Highest Performance Power Plan that disables CPU Core Parking and Frequency Scaling for maximum bursting performance. This settings are in fact hidden in OS settings, and the software simply offers easier access to these settings.

For your benefit you should try out all the power plans including the Highest Performance Power Plan, and see which one provides you with optimal performance. According to the tests performed by the developer, AMD processors benefit most from disabling core parking.

The Pro version includes Bitsum Dynamic Boost, that lets you auto-switch power plans when your PC goes active or idle, and so you can stay running in Bitsum Highest Performance Mode while using your PC.

Bitsum ParkControl Pro Webpage

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You can download the Free version for 32 Bit or 64 Bit, and then apply your License Code to convert it to the Pro Version.