Bitsum PECompact Discount – 50% Off Coupon

Bitsum PECompact Discount

Bitsum PECompact Discount

Bitsum PECompact is Windows Executable Compressor, and you can purchase it to compress 1 Product, 3 Products or Unlimited Products.

1 Product License
costs $289.00
3 Products License
costs $489.00
Unlimited Products License
costs $899.00

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About Bitsum PECompact

Bitsum PECompact lets you compress Windows Portable Executable (PE) files to reduce size and protect the code inside. The software has been widely popular for over a decade, because of its maturity, interoperability, compatibility, and compression ability.

Compression of an executable is important for various reasons. Firstly, it reduces the secondary storage requirements of the software by offering better compression than gzip, zip or bzip2, and thus reducing the time and bandwidth necessary to distribute it via the Internet.

Secondly, it is frequently used to discourage reverse engineering. However, the same technique is also used to mask the contents of the executable, and thus helps bundle malwares or adwares. However, Bitsum uses strict control in sending out trials and licenses to deter any of these kinds of abuse. Furthermore, Bitsum has included a technology to let all popular security softwares scan inside the compressed EXE for malware.

Bitsum PECompact offers superior compression ratio amongst all the competing products, and it does that with a perfect mix of security, stability, and interoperability. The executables work everywhere and require no modifications. And it does things right by not using compression on shared sections of DLLs, preserving debug information, or leaving shell icons uncompressed.

The software also offers a great plug-in framework for several different types of customization, for CODEC, API Hook, and Loader. In addition, it has many different settings for most of your needs.

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In order to prevent abuse, Bitsum offers the trial only to legitimate software authors. So, you need to include Your company or DBA name, Your web site address and Email from your domain. Bitsum also includes unique markers in the trial versions to let antimalware scanners identify that a trial version is being used.