Bitsum CPUBalance Pro Discount – Get 50% Off Coupon

Bitsum CPUBalance Pro Discount

Bitsum CPUBalance Pro Discount

Bitsum CPUBalance Pro comes in Single or Home Licenses with Yearly or Lifetime Updates. It is also possible to subscribe to monthly updates.

Single License
with Yearly Updates
Home License
with Yearly Updates

Single License
with Lifetime Updates
Family License
with Lifetime Updates
Single or Family License
with Monthly Updates

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About Bitsum CPUBalance Pro

Bitsum CPUBalance Pro saves your PC from the CPU Hogs and thereby improve the responsiveness of your system. It includes the proprietary ProBalance technology developed by Bitsum which has been popularized by its premium product Process Lasso. You can also get Bitsum Process Lasso Discount.

In low power laptops micro-lags or freezes happen frequently from high CPU usage. These can happen due to the cumulative influence of multiple processes running alongside or because of a monopolistic process. The ProBalance technology of CPUBalance Pro makes it possible to prevent such CPU Hogs. Use of the software keeps your PC responsive even during high CPU usage activities like re-encoding of multi-media.

It is noteworthy that a system can freeze because of various kind of issues, and Bitsum CPUBalance Pro addresses only those arising from high CPU load. If it’s because of I/O or something else the software won’t be useful.

Bitsum CPUBalance Pro offers the following benefits over the free version: it lets you change ProBalance Affinity and Governor Response Rate. Nonetheless, you are entitled to receive all the future Pro features too.

Bitsum CPUBalance Pro Webpage

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Download Trial

You can download the Free version for 32 Bit or 64 Bit, and then apply your License Code to convert it to the Pro Version.