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Kerish Doctor 2016 Discount

Kerish Doctor 2016 prevents Windows failures in real-time, cleans junk files, improves game performance, protects against malwares and vulnerabilities. The software fixes errors and inconsistencies in the system registry in real time, and thereby reduces the risk of computer errors. Moreover, unneeded system and software cache files are cleaned with accuracy and safety. Further, the software analyzes the system and make recommendations to improve its performance that can then be applied with a single click. It keeps watch on any malicious and potentially unwanted programs and also secures vulnerable Windows settings. Kerish Doctor 2016 also show timely warnings when new vulnerabilities are reported in installed software. Most importantly, the software alerts you about the installation new Windows startup process & service, new extensions to web browsers, changes to the start-up pages of web browsers etc. It is pretty easy to use and shows verbal notifications and alerts.

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You may purchase 3 PC license of Kerish Doctor 2016 for one, two or three years.
Purchase Link for 1 yr license (19.95 USD)
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Kerish Doctor 2016 Discount

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