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Heimdal Security PRO Discount

Heimdal Security PRO complements your existing security solution with an unique traffic based PC protection, combined with a Enterprise scale patching system. It patches security critical apps, such as Java, Adobe Flash, Quicktime etc. automatically and silently. Furthermore, Heimdal Security PRO prevents private data leakage, blocks malicious internet traffic and thereby protects the PC against hackers, malware servers, infected domains and websites. The unique intelligence of Heimdal Security PRO stems from a variety of sources such as: reverse engineering malware, penetrating and infiltrating malware infrastructure, sinkholing, domain monitoring, zero hour monitoring, attack analysis, cracking domain generation algorithms, crawling the darkest places of the internet.

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Heimdal Security PRO costs USD 44 for a single user license, and USD 70 for family license with 4 users.

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Heimdal Security PRO Discount

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