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Filseclab Twister Antivirus Discount

Filseclab Twister Antivirus strong protection against all types of malware using innovative technology. The software uses antimalware definitions, EVANET Cloud Security, Intelligent Proactive Defense Wall, Advanced Heuristic for detection of known as well as new malwares. The Malware Virtual Machine™ simulates a real environment which can induce malware to show there behaviour. Each program is monitored in depth using the BlackBox and the Super Rollback module restores every derivative even including memory objects after a malicious activity is detected. Its Privacy Protection module protects your documents is not stolen by spies. The software usages computer resource intelligently, moreover every scanned files are cached automatically which dramatically improves the performance. The software updates several times a day to ensure the most up-to-date protection.

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Filseclab Twister Antivirus comes in 1 year, 2 year and lifetime licenses for 1 PC.

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Filseclab Twister Antivirus Discount

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