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EASIS Drive Cloning Discount

EASIS Drive Cloning lets you copy the bytes from one hard drive or partition to a backup device, in such a away that all original information (hidden or not hidden) are copied. Byte-wise copy ensures that even hidden license information are copied, but such thorough copy requires the source drive to be unused during that period. It is worthy to mention that, you may need to clone your drive in many scenarios: for example, you may want to upgrade your system, you may need to take a backup with you for emergency, you may like to replace your hard drive etc. Interestingly the software can also copy all the data from bad sectors, i.e. from the drive surface where the sectors are apparently lost. Using a refined zlib algorithm, EASIS Drive Cloning can create highly compressed hard drive images, and thus saves much of the space on you backup device. With this software you can convert ‘real’ partitions including boot sector to VERY small ‘ready to go’ boot images with all your system requirements, printers, network information and system settings.

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EASIS Drive Cloning Discount

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