PxBee Discount on Subscription – Plans starting from $0.27 / image

PxBee Discount

PxBee Discount

PxBee offers flexible pricing. You can download a single stock image or opt for monthly or yearly subscriptions. You can cancel the auto-renewal of your subscription anytime. Currently, you can’t switch between subscription types.

Cost of Single Images vary according to the size.

Buy Single Image
Small Size
Buy Single Image
Medium Size
Buy Single Image
large Size

You can also buy a single image and resell it. For this you need to choose the Extended License.

Buy Single Image
Extended License

The greater the Number of Images in a subscription, the more discounted the subscription. Make sure to Click on appropriate links to get PxBee Discount.

With a subscription, you are allowed to use the largest image size available.

Monthly Subscription
25 images / month
$59.99 / month
Monthly Subscription
75 images / month
$89.99 / month
Monthly Subscription
350 images / month
$119.99 / month
Annual Subscription
50 images / month
$79.99 / month
Annual Subscription
125 images / month
$99.99 / month
Annual Subscription
750 images / month
$199.99 / month

After each month all the remaining images can be rolled over to the following month, upto a maximum allowed number of 250 images.

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About PxBee

PxBee lets you download stock images from its large collection of high-resolution photos at affordable prices. It offers flexible pricing of single images and also offer budgeted subscriptions to suit the need of individuals as well as organizations.

Websites are meant for delivering information, displaying your business etc. Irrespective of its kind, adding appropriate images to your website brings life to it. If you compare two webpages with equally valuable information, it will be the one with image illustrations that appeal more to the readers, because “A picture is worth a thousand words”. And Google knows this very well, and so rates webpages with optimized images higher in its search results.

Although it is always better to use original images, like the one captured or prepared by you, but this is not always practical. In some cases, you need an image that better suits the theme of your content, and Stock Image repositories are the best place to look for such kind of images.

PxBee is a new stock photo marketplace by Everimaging Limited, which is renowned for its Fotor freemium offering. PxBee is a platform made to work best together with Fotor, as the creative community of Fotor designers can now showcase their photos for sale on PxBee. Nevertheless, any professional and amateur photographers worldwide can also sell their photos through this platform.

So, PxBee already has a huge collection of over 3 million high-quality photos, and they claim to add up 20,000+ new creative photos each day. They have diversified types of photos, and especially have unique Asian style photographs, all of which have a more authentic and naturalistic look over staged photos.

Photos from PxBee can be used anywhere: web design, printed materials and commercial displays; and can even be resold. Interestingly, with appropriate use of Bundling and Unbundling strategy, PxBee lets you download stock image with subscription from as low as $0.27 / image, or $2.99 for single image without subscription. With its flexible pricing, you can buy even a single image if you work so much occasionally. For single image purchase you can choose the appropriate size of the image: small, medium or large and pay accordingly.

PxBee Webpage

To get more information about the products visit PxBee Website.

Download Trial

You can explore PxBee Website for the appropriateness of images and can even download watermarked images for free. For watermark free version, you need to purchase it.