Photolemur Spectre Discount – Upto 65% Off Coupon

Photolemur Spectre Discount

Photolemur Spectre Discount

Photolemur Spectre is available in personal and family licenses. The licenses are perpetual. You need to add the Service Tax as applicable in your country to arrive at the final price.

Personal License – 1 Device
Family License – 5 Devices

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65% Discount

This discount is on a bundle of Photolemur Spectre Family License with Picaboo hardcover photo book ($50 Value) and The Compelling Photograph: Techniques for Creating Better Images by A. McKinnell ($14.99 Value). The bundle costs $47.19 after discount, plus the Service Tax as applicable in your country.

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About Photolemur Spectre

Photolemur Spectre is a photo enhancer software which analyzes your photos in batch and restores lost details, touch up faces, and boost lighting and colors. Its Perfect Eye Photo Processing Engine uses artificial intelligence to examine the color of each pixel’s neighbors in the grid and automatically makes the hues look vivid and natural.

Its Automatic Color Recovery technology enables the bright, vivid colors of real life. The Sky Enhancement module brings the striking colors back to your skies by adding sharpness at any clouds, planes or birds in the photo. Exposure Compensation module analyzes and fixes all the less and overexposed areas of your photos. The Smart Dehaze module detects and removes unnatural haze, fog, mist, dust from the photos.

Its Natural Light Correction module adjusts the photos for the proper elegance of the evening or the appropriate allure of the afternoon. The Foliage Enhancement module of Photolemur Spectre adjusts colors and sharpness of each individual objects in your image to ensure the most true-to-life picture possible.

The software can also adjust for any slightly off-kilter horizons or backgrounds. It can also remove unwanted digital noise and apply the appropriate tint to relive the feeling of your photos. The Face Enhancement feature, identifies face automatically and cleans up any imperfections or blemishes, resulting in natural, healthy-looking skin on clear and vibrant faces.

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The trial is in fact a Free version which you can use for as long as you want, but it can only process one image at a time, and applies a watermark to your photos on export.